Tuesday, May 31, 2011

05.31.11 Stripers are glad the holiday weekend is over...seems to be a lull in the action

     Wow...what a difference 12 hours makes. Last evening you couldn't get a legal parking spot on the side streets off Ocean Avenue in Elberon and Deal, this morning hardly a soul around. Seems to be a late day bite, but how can you beat this. Beautiful sunrise and the entire groin to yourself behind the Breakwater. Saw some bunker this morning off Allenhurst, but no sings of any fish. A few anglers along the rocks but no hookups that I saw. Maybe the biat is still here but the first wave, or the wave, of stripers has came and went, or were all harvested at the end of last week. Hopefully there's two smart pregnant cows left that will make it past the New England coast and somehow continue the species.