Wednesday, May 18, 2011

05.18.11 Got the "Take Your Limit, Please!" logo

      I recently received the logo for "Take Your Limit, Please!" from Jersey Shore based artist Sarah Dowman. When I decided to launch a campaign to get anglers to remove some of the garbage they see when they are fishing Sarah was eager to help. We sat down and came up with a few ideas and the above is the final version. T.Y.L.P. is a national campaign where anglers decide how much trash they can take out with them before they fish, basically setting their own "limit". Sarah's "fish" is made up of trash we see in and along our waters everyday, cigarette butts, cans, lost fishing gear, condoms, screws, ect. Within the next week a press release and printable poster will be sent out along with the launch of a Facebook page.