Sunday, May 8, 2011

05.08.11 Happy Mothers Day and back from the Adirondacks

The fan damily

     To all a Happy Mother's Day! This weekend my brother and I picked up my mother and took her to the Adirondacks to see my sister and celebrate her Birthday ( 65th) and Mothers Day. As always it was a great time to be with my mom and siblings. I had one little problem with the lodge in Ausable Forks. Due to the flooding of the West Branch we got about three feet of water in the basement and it kicked off the furnace and hot water heater. The smell of heating oil was room clearing. We aired it out and I have a contractor going over to check it out Monday. We stayed one night but before I left we went down to the East Branch where I threw a Double Bunny along the bank with no results. Things are about a month behind the Catksills up here so the water are  cold and high, and really cold and high with all this extra water. 

 View from the lodge and the Jay side of Ausable Forks

 Sandbags put up to protect the buildings on the Jay side of the West Branch of the Ausable

Fishing the East Branch of the Ausable at Junction Pool

     On Saturday we traveled from Ausable Forks to Saranac Lake and it became obvious how bad things were only a week ago. Lake Flower was over the top of the dam emptying into the Saranac River. It had flooded several homes and businesses in the downtown. The Dew Drop Inn was one of the victims. They are having controlled releases to let the waters in the lakes and locks down slowly. Earlier this week there was fear the dam would fail. I hope some of this water is around in both the Catskills and Adirondacks come July, and not low and hot like last summer.