Monday, May 23, 2011

05.23.11 What were they thinking?...and got out for a bit today.

     I forgot to share this earlier this month when I was up in Roscoe picking up the drift boat to float the Delaware. When you getoff at the Roscoe exit on Route 17 you are greeted with the Roscoe Diner and a bear holding a BARRACUDA???? Welcome to Roscoe, Trout Town USA. A few years back the Reynolds House under went a makeover, and an interesting paint job. I am all for an owners right to do what they want, but c'mon! Isn't there some historic or commercial zone guidelines that must be

    Today I had a short window, but did get out. Deal was looking good on the incoming tide, but gusty S winds. I was fishing a bunker fly and had a fish blow up at it on the surface. The wave sets changed shortly after I got into a grove and 4-5 foot waves were breaking in the wash, one catching me in the stripping basket and nearly breaking my back. I'll be out at daybreak tomorrow.