Saturday, May 7, 2011

05.07.11 Waters wild in the Adirondacks & book a Delaware float trip now

The waters in the North Country are subsiding to above flood stage, which is a blessing since things since April 28th went wild. They are experiencing the same thing that the
Catskills went through. Spring melt, lots of runoff, heavy rains- all at the same time.
When I opened the door of the lodge on Friday night the heavy smell of heating oil almost knocked me down. After a search, it was discovered that during the flood we had about 3 feet of water in the basement. That knocked out the water heater and furnace, and leaked oil throughout the basement. The waters gone, but the residual oil smell burns your nasal passages and eyes.
I will update the weekend when I return on Sunday. To all those moms, an early Happy Mothers Day wish, to the guys, don't blow it.

As the waters in the Catskills drop, prime fishing is getting closer. Give me a call, 732.261.7291, to set up a guided drift boat trip, I have dates available throughout May. It can include transportation to and from New Jersey.