Friday, June 20, 2014

06.19.14 Tough turn and burn day for the flyrodders....

     If I walked a 1,000 miles in the Vineyard, then I drove the same amount today on the ocean. Started out early this morning with Ron who stuck it out through a lot of hunting in windy, wavy and wet conditions. We went looking for the big stripers and went south, then north, then south again, mixed in with a little east and west. We didn't hook anything but we had a fun time on the water together. Ron did great throwing big flies for most of the day...when we weren't throttled up.

In the afternoon I had Andrew, Ian and Phil. We were also in the hunt for the big stripers, especially for Phil whose biggest bass to date on a flu had been a healthy schoolie. He worked hard popping with a big Banger and then underneath tossing a big "Andrew" fly. We were working with two other boats and we were the

south boat. Basically we were all scouting and if things went off that boat would let us know. As we sat and waited Phil goes into his bag and pulls out a BANANNA!!!!! The three of us were shocked and then attributed all of our slow action on Phil. As we laughed about it the hotline rang and it was time

to make a move. Well, we were invited to the party but got there just a tad late. Jason of Blitzbound was on them for the 10 minutes they were up and his sports Frank and John made good on their good fortune, and Jason's good Captainship. Each landed a 30's fish on a spinning rod popper before we got called for a portrait of Jason and Frank as they held Frank's 44 pound bass that fell to a livelined bunker. It was a great fish and it was good to see they both back on, and not in, the water again.

     We had real good marks around the boat after we arrived but couldn't get a bite...and we blamed that on the bad mojo banana. Truth is, fly rodding for big bass, is tough. Unless they are blowing up on top then it's hard.
     As we took the drive in I stopped at a fishy spot and Phil broke the days skunk with a cocktail blue which was fine by all of us cause at least we were now on the board.

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