Friday, June 18, 2021

06.18.21 Getting ready...

     So I saw a unicorn today, well a bunch of them and hope too return tomorrow and see them again. Really shocked, wish my iPhone wasn't dead, I forgot I had my Canon G-12 in my sling pack. But I sat down and tied a few offerings for them if I find them. Small Snake Flys and a SF Blend fly, plus a small Hollow Fleye. The above pics are before and after the haircut. 

     My goal, if today was to repeat itself, is to catch one on a cicada fly. A few years back, when Orvis was going big into carp fishing, they had a run on Brood X flies. I bought two, and never used them. Last night I went to a drug rep dinner and they were talking about all the cicada's around Princeton, we work and live in Pennington/Hopewell and haven't see one yet. If they do go, anywhere near the river across the street I am sure whatever is swimming will get on them, including the striped bass.