Sunday, June 13, 2021

06.12.21 Had some fun close to the shack...

     After the long night session before we got a late jump on the day. It was a mix of a little sightseeing and shopping in th cloudy and breezy day. I hit the back of Sedgekontacket Pond on the incoming but didn't find any takers. Before calling it a lunchtime session I moved around to the pond and fished a spot that is usually busy with kayakers and rock throwers. 

    The fish were stacked up on the outgoing and it was the small white bunny fly that bought them to hand. I left, Leif came in behind me and continued the catching as the sun broke through and he could see them along the banks of the inlet waiting to bounce on small minnows and clouds of sand eels that were passing by. 

      Leif got them on a chartreuse and white Clouser, at first I thought it might be and Ugly Ass Fly he caught them on, thankfully it wasn't, otherwise I would hear about it forever. Below is a nice shot he took before the quick release.