Saturday, June 12, 2021

06.11.21 Nice fish in the light, numbers in the dark...

     So we had the bright sun we needed, but the ESE wind was just. tad much to really get a good bead on the fish. Leif spent the day as the good husband, seeing the lay of the land, and enjoying 

things other than fishing. Theresa dropped me off at Red Beach and I lugged my heavy fiberglass 6 foot ladder all the way up to the top of the flat. Wind blowing pretty good behind me had the white caps casting shadows along the bottom. I saw over a dozen fish, landed four, flossed one, and had a few refusals. Can't ask for anymore than that. While I'm all about the crab fly thing, today they couldn't stop paying attention to the small white fox/bunny fly. 

     So after dinner we took the Lobsterville. I hate Lobsterville. Always have. Always will. I remember one trip Joe showed me a video of that place lit up. Maybe if I saw it once I'd be a believer. I have caught bass there, small ones, and it just doesn't do it for me.  

     At the top of the tide we moved to an inlet. We started on the beach and one our first casts we hooked up. When the water started to ebb the place lit up. Depending on where you fished it was all big hickory shade, all bass, or a mix of both. 

     I went for the jetty and Leif stayed on the sand. I couldn't get away from the shad, landing over 20, and then after the rocks and hitting the beach it was a bakers dozen bass for me. Leif landed over 20 bass, but only a trio of shad. 

     On the way out Leif looked down and saw what the fish were keyed on, small sand lances. I was matching the hatch, probably why I caught so many shad, and Leif was switching up between Deciever's and Sliders, which the bass jumped on. Below is the selection of flies I got them on last night. I used a popper/dropper rig with the foam slider on top and the smaller sand eels fly's trailing. 

     When we woke this morning I didn't know it had rained throughout the night. Dumbass me let all my fly tying stuff outside, uncovered. So I spent the morning drying out and organizing my stuff. It wasn't all bad, its kind of like having to clean your house before you have a party. I used a screen from the window and laid out my materials to dry. That went over great with the ladies. 

    Today, Saturday, cloudy and rain. But I ran "To the store" and jumped in my waders and walked Sengekontacket Pond for a bit on the dead low to see if there were any fishing chains whatever bait might be left after the flush out. Tomorrow, the last full day, looks really good for sight fishing!