Friday, June 11, 2021

06.10.21 Vineyard day 2, getting better....

     It was a day of high hopes. You can't judge the wind from deep-woods location we are staying the Katama section of Edgartown. The ladies dropped us off around 1030 and we had the start of the 

outgoing with a steady ENE with some good gusts, which made seeing them in high water not easy. Leif saw one as soon as we got in and then it was a long drought before the wind reared up a bit and you could see fish. Leif said he saw about 8 and landed some real nice fish on a minnow type fly. I am glad he was able to experience the flats/sight fishing I have come to love as my favorite. 

     I had on a crab fly and spent hours walking and looking only see one fish that creeped up on me and I could only get off one good cast. Leif is of the mindset "You can't catch fish if you flies not in the water". So while I prefer to walk and wait, he blind casts always, and with that catches more fish. Yesterday he was able to see those fish eat as they patrolled the seam between the sandy flat and the deeper and foliage covered bottom. 

     We called it quits as the sun traveled from left to right and the water ebbed. Last night was Judy's 60th so it was a nice dinner in Edgartown as a group. And then, with bellies full, girls heading to bed, and the wind cranking on the outgoing tide......we decided to save our chips and not push the issue. 

      So I have kept the yearly Martha's Vineyard trips going. The group from Jersey has been making this trip, to Cape Cod or Martha's Vineyard, since, if I am correct, the 1980's. There have been a core group of guys that made the trip, others that joined and fell off, but it has always continues. Well, guys get busy, guys get old, and other things get in the fishing way. I am grateful to have been introduced to this fishery and trip from a great group of guys, Bob, Steve, Dick, Gerry, and Joe. Thanks to them the learning curve has been greatly shortened in learning the island. It was, and is, always good company, good food and drink, lots of fishing, and spending some time tying up some flies for the day, or night. Bob Popovics used to do coffee and a fly each morning,  so here is my attempt at keeping that going.