Tuesday, June 15, 2021

06.14.21 Bottom of the ninth....


      Two outs, bases loaded, down by a run. Count is 3-2. And you're up at bat. Well Theresa was. We had packed up and were heading to the ferry but Theresa was to catch a bass. I had left her stuff out and we stopped at what I thought would be her home run. She fished the outgoing salt pond outflow for about 15 minutes. Then I aired a few out to be be sure. No takers. Called strike. Game over. 

     We took a slow ride to Vineyard Haven. We had plenty of time for our 830 ferry, problem was we had reservations for the 730 ferry. Luckily we went on stand-by and got the 830 anyway. 

     On the way home we stopped in New Haven and went o Frank Pepe's for pizza. It's a stop you should make sometime. Been there since 1925. Always a line but we got there and walked in and got a table. Good pie, the kind I like with the almost burnt crust edges. Caesar salad is a must get. 

     The usual tradition following the Martha's Vineyard trip is to hit the salt the day after coming home. This year I settled for a run to Trenton to see if I could get in on this yet-to-be-seen topwater bight. I was greeted with all of the wonderful sights and sounds of the Delaware River in the New Jersey's largest city. Garbage. Traffic. Sirens. Off color water from the deluge of recent rains. This a lot different than the gin-clear waters of Menemsha Pond. Now the countdown begins, 52 weeks until the 2022 Martha's Vineyard trip, and Theresa is in.