Wednesday, June 26, 2019

06.26.19 Now that was a pleasant surprise....

     So summer has started. The girls are out of school and with us this week but they want to hang with their friends......I get it. So its a one hour drive back to Red Bank to drop one and Asbury Park for other. Anytime I am near the beach I have to, because it would be stupid not to, fish. 

     I jumped in at Long Branch after looking at the million cars along Deal. I was hoping to find a fluke or two for dinner. I was there about 3/4 of the way on the incoming tide. I was lucky to find an empty beach sandwiched in between two beach clubs. I had the stretch to myself at least for an hour and a half outside of a few sunbathers out of back casting range. 

    So I'm working my crab fly and staring into the trough when I see......two bass? Yepper. By the end of the session it was saw 6, pricked a nice one, and had a great follow and refusal on this scarp side of the trough. It ended when the ladies in their dresses came and started splashing and swimming on that section of the beach. The only bad move, besides missing that one fish, was wearing my waders in the 90 degree heat. I was saturated by the time I got back to my truck which was far, far away.

     So I thought there is beach access....ha ha. There is public access, but no parking between 10 am- 6 pm. So that means you have to walk one long block to avoid getting a ticket. This surely caters to the part time residents of this town and those that live on the water.