Wednesday, June 5, 2019

06.05.19 It was worth the ride.....


     My alarm was set for 345am but I woke at 230 so it was off to the races. If you live close to the beach consider yourself lucky because my new house is an hour from the saltwater. I was at my spot at 4 am and could walk almost to the end of the groin because the tide had just flipped from dead low. Spent over an hour throwing a big popper hoping to score a bigger fish but that didn't pan out. When water arrived I got a 17 inch fluke that I forgot to take a photo off with the Archer's Mole Crab sticking out of its mouth. I fished a good stretch hard without a tap so I decided to move a few beaches north. 

      I switched over to a Leif Petersen crab fly and on the first cast a nice bass took it at the trough. I was hoping for a keeper fluke for dinner but that it'll be for another day. There were fish around yesterday and I wonder if the southish wind killed the bite. The wind will stay that way until the weekend when it goes NE.

     On my way home I stopped at the Delaware River about mid-ebb tide. I fund no Akers at my usual spot and I decided to g upriver just above the tide line. I met a guy soaking worms and he said he was

fishing for anything...snakeheads, bowfin, smallmouths, catfish, walleye,  and stripers. That's a interesting mix of fish. The only thing about this spot is you have to traverse down a "cliff" that had me feeling like one of those mountain goats or ibexes. I like finding new water to fish and hope to get into the smallmouth when the water warms up a bit.