Wednesday, June 12, 2019

06.11-12.19 Rainout Day 4 beautiful Day 5....

     Tuesday started out with rain and SE wind. I gave it a go in the back of the pond and when I got there fish were boiling and splashing on sand eels. I took a breath, took a step, and then began a 20 foot slip and slide until the only thing above the water was my head. Funny thing is it was only three feet of water. In the end I got a tug on a black and purple Deceiver before calling it a morning. 

      Theresa and I took the afternoon off and went to Edgartown for the afternoon. I was planning on going fishing late so after a quick nap and a group dinner I started to devise a plan. In the end I figured on going at 430 am and looked forward to a great day for sight fishing. 

      Below is the 445 am view and I realized I was an hour light because the sun came quick and the swirls and slurps stopped shortly there after. I hooked a nice fish and my loop to loop know broke at the 20 to 12 pound connection. I was back at the house by 630 and Theresa dropped me off on the other side of the pond so I could get into a groove before any sight fishing opportunity happened.

     I set up the ladder and after and hour of nothing I turned around and fished the start of the inlet on the mid-outgoing. I was using a Coop's crab fly and landed 14 which ranged in size from 12-24 inches. One thing is these little guys pull, and couple that with the current and you think the fish are

bigger then they are. Before the tide flipped I set up my ladder in a few spots and only saw 4 fish that were just cruising by. I got a feeling in my gut that Red Beach wasn't going to be good today. Between the late tide, passing sun, and wind it would be tough to see them. I came up with a plan

to hit a different flat on the other side of the pond. Its a all-in decision. I wasn't going to walk back if it wasn't any good. I carried the ladder halfway up flat and continued to the turn in the pond. Walking back I didn't see anything until I saw one, made a good cast, and watched him eat. It was my only keeper sized fish so far this trip and its nice releasing it back into such nice crystal clear water.