Monday, June 10, 2019

06.10.19 Tough conditions and disaster averted.....

     I'll start with disaster averted. So with the coming storm this evening we had cloud cover and steady SE wind today. I decided to stick with old reliable and stay in the pond and hopefully catch them by sight. Jump ahead a few hours. With nothing doing and my legs aching from standing on that ladder for hours I decided to put my stripping basket and rod on one of the rungs and take the decent walk to get a snack and drink from the community cooler we had set up on the beach. 

Now remember its a SE wind and an incoming tide......

     So as I chew my snack bar and sip the water I turn and look back to the basket and no rod. A quick glance over the whitecaps on the flat and I see my basket and rod bobbing up and down. If you look at the top pick you can see how far the ladder is away, its in the center of the frame. Luckily it was a N wind and outgoing tide. 

     I was out the door at 6am and hit a spot where water empties out from another pond. There were all kinds of birds lining the exit and I just went to look. About 10 seconds later there was a big plop so I ran back to the truck and got my gear, changed my fly to a Decieverish pattern, and headed back. First cast and I was tight with a nice fish, that although skinny, pulled really nice. 

     After Steve's famous breakfast we came up with a plan and headed to my favorite beach and flats. Like I said tough conditions between the wind and clouds. We were on the water by 930 which was an hour past low. In skinny water even with bad conditions you can usually get a glimpse. Well in

four hours I saw two and landed one of them. This nice fish was actually running away and I was able to get a good cast, have him turn, and then eat. Today just never got going although the two elder

statesmen had double digit numbers in the deeper channel. After lunch on the beach we headed back to drop the guys off and Theresa and I went to check on a spot but found too much water there at high tide so we just walked around and went through sone casting lessons in anticipation of her first

solo striped bass this trip, which hopefully will be coming later this week. Looks like big rain this evening and tomorrow not so hot but I have a plan to get some fishing in regardless. Still having fun as always.