Monday, June 17, 2019

06.17.19 Interesting by-catch today on the Delaware....

     Didn't feel like making the drive to the beach this morning as I had no reason to burn the time and gas on that side of the state. Ran out with two hours left on the ebb tide. Surprisingly had a good hit and thought it might have been a good sized striper only to find a catfish on the end of my line. Worked my way out to deeper water as it dropped and found a tad bigger striper than what I have been getting.

     Went upriver to scout out the wing dam and found no one home in the skinny water on both sides of the concrete. I see why this is a popular spot especially when the sand are running. Its dangerous when the river is up I am sure. Its powerful even with the lower levels as the water funnels down over the rocks below the dam.