Tuesday, June 18, 2019

06.18.19 Tandem flies....one on each

     First, proud of my youngest Erin being promoted to Red Bank Regional High School from 8th grade. Where has the time gone. Below is a pic from her in 2013 and above us in 2019. Crazy.

     Crazy is what my wife calls me getting up before my 345 am alarm set on the iPhone and running out the door. The tide was low around 3 am and I got there just before 5. Tried a tandem set-up with

my larger back and purple fly trailed by a smaller white one. I have used two flies often, mostly during the sand eel hatch, and most recently up on the Vineyard where the sand eels are under 2 inches long. Interestingly I got two fish today, one on each fly. The one at the top took first and the

 guy below a little later. What I can't believe are the number of small fish around from NJ, to Block, to the Vineyard. Where are the 26 -34 inch fish? The keeper sized bass from the beach are becoming harder and harder to find and catch. With the tide still coming in and time to go I changed spots and

and tried a crab/minnow two fly rig and didn't get any takers. I found the water annoying today. Big moon big, water running up the scarp, and the only real shot at the trough was just after mid flood tide. The humidity was so you could wring the air and I was sweating with the rain coat to protect me from the rain that never came, until I switched spots and left it in the truck and got soaked.

     Hoping soon for bigger bass or the kickoff to good fluke. I am ready for a good meal.