Monday, June 3, 2019

06.03.19 Kinda glad I had no one with me today.....

     My idea was to scout the beach and the boat today and I'm glad no one was paying to be with me. I know its fishing and not catching but today was slow, very slow. Started n the beach throwing a mix of Clousers and crab flies up and down the beach without a tap. I found a crab on the beach and laid

down my match of the hatch and see that I could put a little color in the shape of dots on the fly to give it a little pop. Either way I didn't find anyone home. Either did Leif who was throwing a large fly on the incoming tide.

    I had got a call from the marina stating that spot inside the gate was noe clear of the winter storage sail boat so that gave me reason to scout. I hit all of the usual late May and June spots east of the Naval pier and out front and down to the Highlands bridge. Took a while but I fund a lot f bunker schools but no one on them. The screen showed just bait but I spent a few hours casting outside of them and below them without a tap. Hopefully soon the Chesapeake and Hudson big girls will meet the bucker out front.