Friday, June 21, 2019

06.21.19 Fishy kind of morning.....

Leif Petersen photo
     Got there about 430 which was just before dead low tide. Got one in the dark on the bottom fly behind a popper just as the heavens opened up. I had a light wind breaker on and was soaked down to my underwear. I made the trip upstream to get my rain coat and headed back down. Amazing how 

hard it rained and how much runoff there was. When I got back down it was lighter out and I grabbed another little guy again on the smaller fly. These fish, while small, are hungry and their belly's are full

of something and I am thinking they are mole or some other type of crabs. I usually don't like the incoming water but today didn't mind was much. It was dark, then light, raining, and then not. Leif and I fished together and after pounding a spot for a while without a touch we moved south. It

 was interesting to see the heavy machinery just off the beach again and I was having flashbacks to beach replenishment. But, what I figure is, they are dredging the outflows they constructed which have probably shoaled up. Leif went to work with a crab fly and got a nice bass near the rocks.

     I went with the AMC- Archer Mole Crab- and scored two fluke, one 17-3/4 and 17-1/2 inches. I had my cooler with me and ice packs and was really looking forward to catching some keeper fluke. But I remembered the saying, "Integrity is measured by what you do when no one else is around". So, of course they are still swimming as I wouldn't take a short, and illegal, fish.