Friday, June 14, 2019

06.14.19 She's a keeper......

     Last day. Last chance to get Theresa a fish and the last chance for her to use the "fish holding gloves", in pink, that she purchased from Coop's the other day. Lots of early wind with sun in and out. We ran up to the channel and just before she was ready to give up, about 45 minutes into our 

fishing outing we caught and she landed, and more importantly held, a cute striped bass. Luckily it wasn't any bigger. She was one and done and I spent the rest of the day either standing on the ladder or walking the flats. I jumped to the brighter more protected flat where I caught the nice fish the other

day but saw nothing standing, walking, and waiting. The sun was out but the wind was rough and the tide was dropping fast. Theresa came back and got me and I couldn't help but see how she had mounted her rod on the Sumo Rod Holder. Take a look and see it for yourself. We took a quick ride

to Dogfish Bar and I was able to walk around but didn't spot a fish. The wind was gusting and mung was thick the first 20 feet off the beach. The only way, I think, to catch would be to walk the flat and sight fish for them.

     While Theresa and I were on the flat Gerry and Cathy were in the channel catching them up. Mostly small bass, a hickory shad, and a very big sea robin. The bite lasted as long as the water flowed and then it was all of us back at the ranch for Steve's famous hot dogs.


    Tonights the last chance to fish. I'm torn between staying in and having drinks with the gang or checking the spot I have spend the last few nights at. We'll see.