Sunday, June 16, 2019

06.16.19 Happy fathers Day and a nice welcome back to Jersey.....

     Happy Fathers Day. Different now, but still the same in a way. The above picture is one of my favorite. Sean, Tara, Patrick, Lauren, Ryan, Erin and Juliet. My, ours, everyones seven children. Either made, adopted or absorbed they occupy my heart and my mind everyday. I worry when they are stuck and celebrate when they are happy, reach milestones, or open or close a new chapter in their lives. Being a father is a great responsibility and a role only a father can fill, like only a mother could be a mother. The greatest gift a child can give their father is time, either by phone, in person, or even in thought. We, as fathers, have much to give due to our varied life experiences, and children should use that resource in order to lighten their load and shorten their learning curves. We are more than, although willing, a bank or a resource to use when in a jam. Luckily my father is still alive and I am able to rely on him for advice and support. And remember love your children and keep them tight, you never know when their time here on earth is going to end. 

     So back in Jersey. Up at 3 am. Hour drive to central Monmouth County. Started fishing in the dark. Of course a fish story. After casting a popper up and down the beach on the incoming tide with a S-SW wind I went to a large black and purple moppy looking fly I tied. I went tight and saw the fish  grab it at the top of the wave over the trough. Just when he went tight I heard something hit the bottom of my basket. It was off to the Tenkara strong schoolie bass races. Luckily I didn't break it off.

     The reason I had to go this morning is because each Fathers Day I will go and spend some time with Ryan in spirit. It was here on this rock on Phillips where I spread some of his ashes a year and half ago. It wasn't his place, but mine, but I like to go there and spend some time and listen to the song "Blackbird" which Ryan played so perfectly on his guitar. It was a nice morning even though I can't get a fish standing on his day I will and will laugh.

     I was joined by Leif who decided to go wet wading in the south wind-upwelled-cold-ass-water and even walked the groin with flip flops. Needless to say he was freezing when we left. He was one and done also getting a fish in the same spot I got my mine earlier in the dark.

         On the way home I stopped by the dead low tide Delaware River and caught two little guys, real little guys, behind the rocks. Amazing how far out you can wade on the low tide. I talked a guy who was coming in from a boat outing and he said there are still some good sized fished around so I still have to have a rod and leader heavy enough to handle a fish taking a fly in the current.