Wednesday, January 29, 2014

01.29.14 More snow hits the Jersey Shore.....

     Usually 3 inches of snow in January is a nice touch of winter. Well not this year. I'm done with it all. Woke up to three inches on top of what was already on the ground left from last weeks 14 inches. Coupled with air temps in the teens to low twenties and a trip down to the beach was a quick one.

     Cabin Fever is running around especially coming off a Fly Fishing Show weekend where we all leave all amped up and ready to go fly fishing. Yes, the steelhead and trout guys can still go out and have their fun, but if you are a northeast saltwater fly angler those warm spring days seem like an eternity away.

     But look on the bright side. There's only 31 more days until the season opens in the rivers and bays for striped bass. That will mean cold and fishless days for the most part, unless you find and travel to some of the "secret" warm water spots we have here in New Jersey.

I can't wait for spring to arrive.