Thursday, January 2, 2014

01.02.13 Went down to give it a go......may hang it up till spring

     There was some hope that this morning might make for some good fishing before the weather comes in. Well when I got down it was already here. It was still doable for a bucktailer or clam soaker, but too hard for the fly rodder, especially with a really hit or miss time of year fishing. In the end I didn't even wet a line. So, as of today, I am calling it a season. Fished into 2014 but didn't get that 2014 January fish. Last fish was December 30th after a fun week of fishing and catching. 

     With the boat season all done and that one last December trip never coming to I dropped the boat off at Gateway Marine for some winter love. Besides getting winterized and wrapped all the Clouser and drail dings are getting fixed as is the scuff on the keel from running aground in the middle of the night in the Navesink this summer. I'm also having some trolling motors put in for the stealthy spring trips in the rivers and bays. 

     While editing some images I found this video linked on Facebook and thought I would share it. It was made in 1956, some 57 years ago. Enjoy!