Tuesday, January 21, 2014

01.21.14 Get a load of the 2014 New Jersey Freshwater Digest cover photo......

      So, you live in New Jersey, so you buy a freshwater fishing license, so, you want to catch a northern pike......kind of like the one on the cover. 

Well, you better catch a ride and fish in Minnesota. 

The above image was made in Minnesota, you can see it on the photographers website HERE.
And, if you really like it you can buy a print of it, or license it, HERE

This news was broke on Facebook yesterday by Jersey boy Joe Cermele. 

Now, New Jersey does have a stocking program in place and a good northern pike fishery. You can read more on it HERE. Anyone in the know will tell you to catch these fish in the Garden State then you need to know the spots, and then really work the spots. Access isn't always easy and results aren't typical as shown on the cover of the NJFF Digest.

Over the last few years anglers on the Jersey Shore, as far north as Avon, have been catching red fish. There's not enough to call it a fishery, but more and more are getting caught each year. 

I wonder if a picture like the one below will make the 2015 New Jersey Saltwater Digest....
even though it was taken by Capt. Dave Chouinard....in Tampa!

December 8, 2010