Thursday, January 9, 2014

01.09.14 Check out the newly updated website.....

     Just wanted to share that I have updated The Average Angler website. There are lots of new images from both the fresh and saltwater trips that I have run. If you are a client then you might just be in the gallery. You can visit The Average Angler website, HERE. In addition to the images there is information and rates on the type of trips that I run. I will making a few more changes as the winter goes on so check back there every now and then.

     Since the air temps broke 30 I thought I get down to the beach and get some exercise and make a few casts. The tide was just starting to flood and it was skinny water but it felt good just to get out and throw some flies around. I spent more time walking the beach noting the recent changes to the beach structure from the harsh weather we've had this past week.
     While looking for sea glass and sharks teeth I found a plug laying amongst the frozen sand and mussel and clam shells. I have a rather large collection of plugs that I've found over the years while walking the beach, I just never seem to find any sweet large Deceivers or Banger's while I walk.

With some warmer temps coming this weekend I wonder if any bass might come ashore looking to eat.