Wednesday, January 1, 2014

01.01.14 Happy New Year !!

     Happy New Year to you and yours! Couldn't get that New Years day fish. Tried hard but I didn't get a bite. Started in the dark and cold and fished till after sunrise. Water was flat and clear. However I did see some life. Fish were swirling and jumping out of the water.....looked to be herring which is a good sign.
     After I was done I took a drive to see if there was anyone else out and if a beach or spot looked fishy enough to get me out of my warm truck. I stopped and talked with Joe and Bill, two flyrodders that both got a fish this morning, with Bill's being a keeper sized bass he released. Figuring the bass may have set up on this beach I got out and gave it a go for another hour without a bump. Couldn't complain as it sounds like today will a much better weather day then those coming up.

    Below is a short video of images from 2013 that I pulled off this blog. You're better off watching it small and not make it full screen as the image files that I used are small. It was the only quick way to get something done and out. Enjoy!