Saturday, January 11, 2014

01.11.14 No birthday day bass.....

     Well, it might be over. So this morning the air temps were nice and balmy at 49 degrees, but that didn't do much for the ocean temps. I checked several sources and it seems the range is a low of 39 to a high of 42. I went down in the dark....why.....I don't know and started with a black Snake Fly, then went to a crab fly in white and ended with a yellow Deceiver. Had fishy water out front in the fog and the light rain but couldn't buy a bite. It's not surprising just depressing that it just might be over and its a llllloooooonnnnnnggggg (long) way till the striped bass arrive again, and more importantly, will eat a fly. 

     On my last years birthday, January 11th, it was a different kind of day. Pretty, warm morning with lots of bass still around. I managed five that morning, and it lasted into February for me. You can read last years blog post HERE. I stopped and talked with Bob who was just getting off the beach and he didn't get a bite either. I said it was kind of depressing that it might be over......but that's what keeps anglers coming back and in love with fly fishing for striped bass so much. Hey, if you caught a fish on every outing and year round would it be as fun? Mmmmm....I think it might.

January 11, 2013