Sunday, January 5, 2014

01.05.14 If this is what they're eating its time to go to a bigger fly.....


     With air temps in the mid 30's and a good tide early this morning I thought I'd break out the gear and give it one last go. Lots of snow and ice on the rocks which made navigating around a little tricky until the warm air melted it. Had a real short window in the morning but gave it a go fishing some just a little too off color water for my liking. Went with a yellow fly with a Pulse Disc and didn't get a bump.



     I made a few quick jumps and found my friend Jimmy working a bucktail from the beach between two groins. I watched as he missed a bite, then made a quick cast to the same spot and hooked the below healthy fish. Rather then watch the Chargers- Bengals NFL playoff game I figured I'd hit it

for a bit on the outgoing tide. Got down to the water about two hours on the ebb and fished hard for three hours, didn't get a bump. I was really trying to catch a fish. The coolest part of the afternoon was finding an adult bunker on the beach. The other day we had seen some bait in the water and thought is might have been herring but after finding this now I'm not sure. If this is what these schoolies are choking down then I need to upsize my offerings when, and if, I get out again, which might just be tomorrow before work.