Saturday, January 4, 2014

01.04.14 Only got two emails about no blog post for yesterday.....

     Yes, I know, I didn't write a post yesterday. Even though I am "done" I still couldn't help getting up and hitting 7-11 for an early morning coffee and then a ride to the beach. It was 6 degrees out, and even less with the wind. Water looked good, if it was October. Of course didn't see anyone fishing, but I did see a few nuts out there on their surfboards.

     I don't know what they are wearing but it must be THICK! But their faces must be frozen and ready to fall off. On another note, and I'll probably be yelled at by my mother who says I do to many product endorsements for free, I received my WeatherTech floor liners in the mail, well delivered by Fed-Ex. I had asked for floor mats for Christmas, and thats what I got, WeatherTech floor mats. But I had really wanted the liners and didn't know it. So I sent them back and got the right ones yesterday.
     I put them in and they fit like a glove, front and back. These are perfect for walk and wade trips on the beach and return trips on the Upper Delaware. Clients are usually worried about dragging beach sand and river water and mud into the truck, well no more. So this is not a plug, but if you're in the market for new floor liners I got them and I like them.