Tuesday, January 7, 2014

01.07.13 SPOT BURNING !!!!

     I was surfing around the internet last night and saw this post from OPE from 4/25/11on Stripers Online, HERE. I hate to re-post other peoples stuff but it made me laugh out loud so I want to share it.

I have come to learn that spot burning, telling or showing where one has caught, is catching, or will ever catch a fish at a specific location is a big no-no in this world of the internet and social media. People get attacked on-line if they give up too much info. Sometimes it's warranted, sometimes its people behind a keyboard who attack others for just the sense of attacking. With all the changes happening to the north Jersey Shore this winter with all the beach replenishment all the intel will be useless come next year.

Below is my attempt to "hide" a secret honey hole that a client Tom and I caught a summer schoolie at this past year. I wish I had the mad skills OPE does as his just makes his picture so much better. You can read a little about my frustration with it all from an August blog post HERE