Monday, January 20, 2014

01.20.14 The sand hits the beach in Asbury Park

     It will be interesting. I have to say, although I'm against beach replenishment, there seems a science into what they are doing down on the beach in Asbury Park. It's not like they are just pumping sand without some thought behind it. Out in the water there are survey boats, on land there are transits set up with people taking elevation readings, and there are markers and flags mapping out the work areas. It still doesn't change the end result and the negative effects it has on our shoreline.
     Yes, for at least a season, beach goers and towns will have an expanded beach to play on, but the long term negatives out weigh the positives. I see no dune planning, except in Bradley Beach. I see no other erosion control measures. It's pump up the sand, smooth it out, and move down the beach. All one has to do is talk a cold walk on the beaches in Monmouth Beach and Sea Bright to see how just pumping sand holds up against Mother Nature and the littoral current.