Tuesday, June 26, 2012

06.26.12 Look what my buddy found while fishing the Delaware

My friend and fly fishing guide Charlie "Bunky" Limpert was out on the Delaware River on Sunday and while fishing with a streamer for muskies, caught a 17 inch striped bass. The interesting thing was he was right at the mouth of the Pequest River in Belvidere. I know stripers have been seen all the way up to Bard Parker, aka Junction Pool, in Hancock- but that is usually early in the season. I like to see, catch, and hear about young stripers that are around....hopefully they'll grow up and make it to adulthood and return to the Delaware to spawn.

Also about young fish, I'm hearing there's a lot of peanut bunker in the Sandy Hook and Raritan Bays...could make for a great fall.