Sunday, June 17, 2012

06.17.12 Happy Father's Day

     Here's why I am happy on this Father's Day. I look at the above picture and see four kids that I am lucky to be around everyday. I am proud of them and their many accomplishments, including Sean's recent 8th grade graduation (picture above). After the summer our family will include a freshman, sophomore and junior in high school, a second grader and one in graduate school. We are a blended bunch who came together four years ago after a series of curveballs were thrown to us in The middle of this game of life. For me it has been a blessing, a welcome challenge, and lot's of hard work but I love them all the same, even though they all think Erin, the youngest, is my favorite. I am honored to be in this position and hope that I don't let them down and will always be someone who they can turn to during both the good and bad times. Often I hear them say, or tell me directly, that I am "annoying" or "care too much", and when I hear that it is confirmation that I am doing a pretty good job.


     Early this morning I got spend some time with my father and brother for Father's Day and they were at my house by 5 am. We had planned to go fishing but the E wind at 20 and end of the incoming tide made it a little to tough to enjoy. We had one pair of waders between us and one sets of spikes. I decided that maybe the Shark River Inlet might be good for a fluke or two or maybe some bluefish. We got into our spot and made some casts for about a half an hour before just hanging out and watching the boats, from 20 footers to head boats, exit the inlet, and then some, turn around a few minutes later and head back in. On our way home I stopped by Allenhurst and found a lone fly angler working water that I find great on a NE or E wind. By 8 we were back at my house having coffee and saying hello to my kids as they trickled out of their sleeps. It was a nice way to start the day.