Tuesday, June 19, 2012

06.19.12 No luck with the lens, but lots of help from friends

     Yep, no word yet, but I have lots of people in my corner trying to help. I'm getting emails, calls, and Facebook messages from people telling what they've done and what I can do to try and increase my odds in finding it. One nice guy posted it on Stripers Online for me. I went back to the scene of the crime, well scene of the stupidity, and of course it still wasn't there. While I was out I watched this guy on the rocks take a good wave but luckily he stayed upright. Heading out in the wee hours hoping to get a bite before the heat wave hits.

I am thinking things are winding down....more on that tomorrow.

On a separate note....remember the Alice Cooper song, "School's out for summer!!!". Well good, now get to work. My boys today at my father's warehouse sorting bolts for the bridge jobs on the NJ Turnpike. Start them young if you want them out by 18!