Sunday, June 10, 2012

06.10.12 Lesson of the day....

     I went out fishing at 5am before I had to meet a client at 7. It was the end of the outgoing and the water was glass flat. Just looked boring and not fishy at all. I made some casts with the spey rod and then the Helios without a bump. On my way there I saw a bunch of boats and kayakers out real early with most concentrated down near Belmar. My guy got there just before 7 and we decided to take a drive down to see the floatilla of 35,000 boats jammed up right out of the Skark River Inlet down to Spring Lake. Dark clouds of bunker underneath them and from what I saw posted throughout the day the big bass were on them.

Spring Lake at 715 am

     We decided to head back up north and work on our casting and double hauls. As the lesson started I parked my 10 wt Helios and Mirage reel set up on the sand leaning on the rocks. We worked real hard and stayed for hours moving back as the tide started to roll in. As things wrapped up I glanced over to my left and the rod was gone. My stomach turned. I quickly started looking through the water and along the groin thinking it got pushed over and then pushed or pulled with the tide. Luckily as we searched I looked up the beach on an outgoing wave and saw my rod on the sand. I was very, very happy, and lucky.

Then I looked up to The Man and said thanks.