Wednesday, June 20, 2012

06.20.12 My fishing partner today was all work no fishing

     I was all set to leave my house at 4am to hopefully catch an early morning bass bite. My fishing partner for the day called me at 350 am and said today was a no go, so it was a no go. I had planned on being back at the dock at 10 which would give plenty of time for a photo shoot I had at Metlife, aka- Giants and Jets Stadium. The picks were beginning at 3 in the afternoon so by not going fishing I had plenty of time and didn't have to rush. My families company, Archer Steel, is erecting 48 solar panels around the top of the stadium. It makes for some cool images if the weather, sun, crane, guys, all do what you need them to. This is my second day shooting this project and today I shot it from the top of the stadium. There is really no access up to there and climbing the steel with two cameras around your neck isn't the easiest thing, and the chance of damaging something is great. These cameras aren't made like the old Nikon F-3's or Canon A-1's.
     Besides having a different point of view with these images the afternoon wind picked up a bit and gave some respite from the near 100' temperatures. At one point while hoisting myself up onto this elevation my arm came in contact with the steel and it felt like a frying pan.

I am hoping that Friday will be my day out to fish. I have some clients coming to the salt over the weekend and I'm looking forward to that.