Wednesday, June 13, 2012

06.13.12 Lot's of big fish before the blow...this morning I wanted to just cut and splice my fly line

      Well the big fish stayed around from yesterday morning and were back on the bunker last evening and last night. I got out around 6 a.m. at the end of the rain and the start of the NE wind. I found the surf kicked up and stained depending what beach I pulled into to scout. This is my favorite water to fish, although I like it a little earlier that two hours before low tide. I picked my groin and fished for about 20 minutes before I got a tangle in my fly line. I made a few twists and turns in it and then had one of the worst knots I've ever had. I was to the point of cutting and splicing the Orvis Depth Charge line until I realized it's an $89 line. It took me 45 minutes to clear the knot, and what you see above was close to when I started to make sense of it.

     I jumped over a few groins and followed a trail of huge scales as I walked down the rocks. It was evident that there were big fish taken here at some point last night. Throughout yesterday they had them from Asbury Park north. I fished some great washing machine clean water with only a good hit, and I wondered if it wasn't a shad like I had hitting yesterday. Today was a perfect day to bust out the Orvis Gale Force waterproof backpack. For those that know me I wear the Orvis Sling Pack, but since I sunk my little camera the other day I'm lugging around the big camera and that $1,800 one can't get wet. It's great, and comfortable, and worth the money to keep your stuff and camera, phone and keys dry.