Sunday, June 24, 2012

06.24.12 There's a bunch of bunker...just not too many fish on them

     Well if you've never seen a pod of bunker, and boats surrounding them and snagging and dropping well here it is. Just like when I was out with my boy yesterday, today it was pod after pod of bunker just out of casting range from the groins. I heard one fish that was caught last night that I think went about 12 pounds.....guys and girls it might be close to being over. I am going to give it ago in th middle of the night so we'll see if I can drum a bass up. 
     Today I had a client out in the morning and we continued to work on casting the fly rod and fly fishing in the salt. A little ways in I decided to change spools on my Helios and made a cast after stringing up....and don't you know it I got a keeper or not keeper by much fluke that nailed the Clouser. Craig had a fluke on and we had a great time as always.