Thursday, November 30, 2017

11.30.17 Thought they'd chew....

     I thought I was done with the boat the other day. Work and clinical the last few days and off to Lake Placid to my sisters on Friday. Boat had to be out of the marina by tomorrow so I'd figure why not give it a shot. There's been good reports across the pond, and even over here.......

Well that stopped maybe yesterday. 

     Headed out wind against tide NE versus the outgoing. Sloppy ride through the rip and once out it got a bit better. Didn't see any birds working and not much for bait on top, but did mark a bunch. So I went from Sandy Hook to Highlands bridge to out about 2 miles to Breezy to Gravesend to Hoffman to West Bank to Keansburg....... not a touch. 

     So with that the boat season is over. I dropped it off at Gateway for winterization. In a way I am glad its over. I know longer have to think which way to go, beach or boat. While I think its over, like over, except for a straggler here or there, I will still give it a go from time to time. It makes me laugh to hear "of a ton of fish in Massachusetts" and "there's herring here now". Well I'm saying "it's over"- as far as the fall run is concerned. I hope you got at least one keeper sized bass this fall. 

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