Thursday, November 2, 2017

11.02.17 Back to back great days.....

     Happiness is finding nice fish on top eating flies. With clinical at the hospital ending around 1230 I couldn't resist heading out on the boat. Had Joe with me an we launched at just about dead-low tide. When we got out there it was quiet. No birds, didn't see bait, and the sack water was flat. We drove around a bit and then found a home run when the tide flipped.

      The fish were there and the birds helped but the bait was running up hill and even the run-and -gun approach wouldn't have helped. Get a good line with the birds....and wait. Nice healthy, really healthy fish all over 30". At one point we doubled up after the fish blew up within range of the boat.
Call your local guide and get some tomorrow as the weekend will be a shit-show.

     We stayed until the full moon was up and had a plethora of birds active just before we hit the barn. Wrapped my fly line around the prop which isn't good at all. That Orvis 350 Depth Charge line is toast and needs to be replaced in a hurry.

     After this moon the bait should start to move and the surfcasters should be in good shape. There's still a pick of fish, like the one Joe got today on the beach. Won't be back t'um until Saturday on the sand.
Joe Pheiffer photo