Sunday, November 12, 2017

11.12.17 Just a nice walk and some casts.....

     Not too bad out there this morning but as I get old it doesn't take much to get my fingers numb and painful. It was 29 and then 31 by the time I left. Had s stretch to myself before sunrise but soon the boats made their way north and south and kind of met along the stretch I fish. Didn't see much for bait  or birds. They must be there because why would 200 boats be all on top of each other. Thinking there's a lot of snag and dropping or live-lining going on but I'm sure there's some topwater action at times.
Shore Catch Guide Service
     The above photo was taken by Cast Jim Freda of Shore Catch Guide Service with an example of some of the fish that are now passing by and seem to be concentrated from Long Branch to IBSP, give to take a few towns.

     The water was flat and skinny at towards the end of the outgoing so I picked up and took a ride to see the boat show. I have no interest fishing with then boats in front of me or anglers beside me. It's just not for me. I don't care if others or catching or not catching. I like finding my own quiet spot and hoping for something to go down.

     I made my way north and found just that. A long stretch of beach with hardly anyone around and no boast in front of me. Peacefully. Therapeutic. Relaxing. And just as good of a stretch of water as anywhere else. There was no one home, and I didn't see any bait or birds. That was fine by me.

Leif Petersen photo
     This is the time of year where you either just walk on and time it just right, fish hard and get rewarded or not, or do more chasing reports and standing around and watching others fish and waiting for something to happen. Yesterday the guys were out on the beach and they had good action with each getting a dozen fish to 26 inches. They say they didn't see any bait just blind casting into fishy water. Love the schoolies but a dozen of 26-34 inch fish would be just a tad better.