Sunday, November 5, 2017

11.05.17 Nothing beach and boat.....

    Headed down on the fall behind an hour day and it was nice to see it brighter earlier than its been. It was the end of the incoming post full moon big tide. Didn't just look but fished but it wasn't easy dealing with the E wind, the left to right sweep and big water. Couldn't get close enough to fish the areas in front of me so I decided to hit the bay. It looked good just no bait birds or bass around.

     There was a ton of birds working out a bit so I figured why not? I went to the marina and got in the bait and gave chase. They had moved to inside a restricted area, but I waited them out and it seemed like just birds on bait....not over fish. No marks, no splashes, other than the sporty wind and against outgoing tide. It was a good run because I took the boat and fueled her up all ready for another day.