Saturday, November 4, 2017

11.04.17 Got a little one in bigger water....

     Before heading to NYC to celebrate my daughters 21st I decided to hit the beach. Incoming, ME winds. Right to left sweep left me and Leif juggling for position on the south side of the groin. Managed a little gut before calling in a quick morning. Still so prefer the beach to the boat. 

     The same day I busted my Clearwater the large box arrived from Orvis. In it was a new Hydros reel and a Recon rod. The Recon is a short stick, 7'11". I fished it from the boat and beach. It's not a super-tech review, but here goes. I prefer 10 weights, all the time. H2's fish like 8 or 9's. Well the Recon is soft, slow, and is a better freshwater dry fly rod then a fast saltwater rod. I'm sure I'll be able to use it at the right time but it's not a NE at 20 in big surf. 

    And my last pair of Orvis Clearwater waders is now done. Luckily I have StormR booties that I can use to keep both feet dry. I looked at Simms boot foot waders but having to order them blind and not trying them on is intimidating. I wish there was a shop that had them so I could check the different sizes. Not everyone is built like the catalog models. It might be LL Bean for me. I can go to the Freehold store and try them on and leave with them. 

     My prediction is after this full moon the boat will move and this week will be good.