Thursday, November 23, 2017

11.23.17 Happy Thanksgiving.........

    Thanksgiving 2017. Mixed one for me. Ryan's passing has me bummed, but yet I am thankful for many things. Thankful to have had 21 years with him, although I wish there were more. I am thankful for my other children who challenge me and make me proud each day. I am thankful for things that matter, and leave the little stuff behind. To me, there is nothing bigger than your children, followed by family, and then friends. My job, house, truck, college, even fly fishing, doesn't matter in the end. However, for some reason, striped bass always seem to matter., lol. 

I wish all the readers here a very thankful Thanksgiving. 

    Back to fishing for a moment. I didn't go today, and won't go tomorrow , but I did go after work last night for 40 minutes. Birds working off the beach in the dark illuminated by the street signs. I got one, maybe 20 inches, that I didn't need to photograph as proof.

    My friend Suzanne had a nice outing during the light hours connecting on several nice fat fish that took sand eel patterns, I keep wondering if were gonna see that sand eel bite, which is usually best in low light, or from a boat. Got some friends that say the true fall run is over, I might agree. Yes, we may crush the schoolies and micros into December, but is anyone from the beach gonna get one that goes better than 30 inches??