Sunday, November 26, 2017

11.26.17 Guessin' somebody is hanging it up....

     Well, not sure if that angler forgot their waders or just hung it up for the season. People just waiting for something to happen. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I was surrounded by family and we did as good as we could. Not an easy first holiday for the gang. 

     It was work on Friday and clinical at the hospital on Saturday but I did get out for a bit after, right before high tide. It was cranking S wide and the swell and right to left sweep, well, sucked. I fished in two towns plus the hook for 2 hours and didn't get a tap. I'm thinking the little guys like the troughy low water. I switched up and went with a Brad Buzzi sand eel fly but got no takers as well. 

    There's been a constant, like guaranteed, schoolie bite that seems to happen at lower water or at first or last light mostly. Fly anglers have been breaking out the 6 or 7 weights and having loads of fun. Remember, especially with these smaller fish, to pinch down the barbs. Little guys taking bigger flies have the hook more into heads than lips. 

Leif Peterson photos