Thursday, November 9, 2017

11.09.17 Worked today but a friend got one.....

Joe Pheifer photo
     Had to work today but I stopped by the water before and after work. Things starting to look good and the anglers that are going to brave the upcoming colder weather should find some fish on the beach. Hate the dead low at first light so finding fishy water is key. While at work Joe text me that he found one to eat a fly. I like his picture above. 

     When I got home I was happy to see a quick turn around from Orvis and I'm back ready for the boat. My favorite H2 11wt was there as was a Depth Charge 350 gr line. I wrapped the other line around the prop the other day so I'm back in boat business whenever I get back out. Probably and hopefully next week, but I have a big project due so well see how that goes.