Sunday, June 24, 2012

06.24.12 There's a bunch of bunker...just not too many fish on them

     Well if you've never seen a pod of bunker, and boats surrounding them and snagging and dropping well here it is. Just like when I was out with my boy yesterday, today it was pod after pod of bunker just out of casting range from the groins. I heard one fish that was caught last night that I think went about 12 pounds.....guys and girls it might be close to being over. I am going to give it ago in th middle of the night so we'll see if I can drum a bass up. 
     Today I had a client out in the morning and we continued to work on casting the fly rod and fly fishing in the salt. A little ways in I decided to change spools on my Helios and made a cast after stringing up....and don't you know it I got a keeper or not keeper by much fluke that nailed the Clouser. Craig had a fluke on and we had a great time as always. 

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  1. its noy over yet, will be after this next full moon...yesterday was slower though ...nice picture of us...i'm on the right...they were very selective today...had go light no leader! the warm is warm...alot of bluefish


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