Friday, June 22, 2012

06.22.12 Snag and drop kind of morning...buddy did real well last evening

The boys on 8th
     Went down early before the heat comes and the kids wake up. Lots of anglers and boats out, either perched out on the ends of the groins or in tight to the beac. Saw lots of snagging hooks waiting for the pods of bunker to get within casting range. Saw some tight pods but didn't see any bass or blues on them.

Judy on Allenhurst
Last evening while I was at Mister C's I was back and forth with my friend Captain Jason Dapra of Blitzbound Guide Service, 631-662-4734, who was first on the hunt and then found and was into big bass. Below are a few pics from his evening charter. Since I am still in the process of getting my Captain's license I would recommend Jason for fly and light tackle charters for 2-3 anglers. If you fish Montauk he's out there in the fall and here during the spring and summer. When I get my license I will not longer recommend him! Kidding of course.

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