Monday, June 18, 2012

06.18.12 Found a fly angler on a great morning...but left a lens on the bench when I left

     It was a nice morning to check out the beach, even better was the fact that I found a fly fisherman and had my A-game cameras with me. I stayed for a while and moved to Marine Place to get a different  look. I pulled my car straight in and got out with my camera with the long lens on and my 24-70 in my hand. I put it down on the left bench there and made some more images as he fished both sides of the groin. Then I left, and left the lens there on the bench. I got home and unloaded my camera bag and realized that I had left the lens there. I drove back and it was gone. I went to the Deal Police Headquarters and it hadn't been turned in, yet I hope. I posted it on Facebook and put a note on the bench back at Marine. The lens is a Canon L 24-70 and looks like the one below. If you know someone who may frequent down there please pass my story on. Thanks, Colin, 732.261.7291



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