Monday, March 7, 2022

03.07.22 Someone turned the fans on....

     Not only was the wind turned on but the gas price meter as well. I got gas at  $4.09 a gallon and by the time I went past again it was $4.19...ouch, and diesel for my truck is $4.95. So anyway, I took the ride to check out a spot, and, just like the other early season spots it was going pretty good. Saw about 20 anglers out, and about a dozen fish caught, bloodworms and bucktails. Wind to 40, at least it felt like that, from the south and I was on the north side looking south. Plenty of trees, luckily not all the reeds 

yet, that caught flies with no problem. Had the outgoing tide which I thought might help since my casts could only go about 20 feet where I was. After almost driving the fly into the base of my skull I took a walk and found so little tribs that I thought might hold a bass. Nothing for me but I did find a trio of 

poorly filleted bass when I looked down. With most of my office work done I took a late afternoon ride down to the river to see if I could bounce some flies off one of the vehicles stuck in rush hour traffic. That will be bound to happen, but I hope not. The warm weather really bumped the water temps up 

with Trenton hitting just about 45 degrees. I don't think that will last as we are supposed to get some snow and cooler temps this week. We all look at river temps, but those fish have to come up the river, usually following the shad. And you know what, today I saw my first shad caught, so, it's coming soon.